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Logo Zig Zag Madagascar

Zig-Zag Madagascar

Rent a Car, Go to Adventure, Discover Northern Madagascar

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    Zig-Zag Madagascar, who are we?

    Our company was founded in Antananarivo in 2000. Registered as a SARL, its headquarters has since been established in Nosy Be.
    Its primary vocation is for the tourism sector in northern Madagascar.

    In order to guarantee its growth we ensure its promotion through different solutions.

    We offer these services to other operators, who are also attentive to their development.

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    Our tourist activities

    We propose to our vahiny to discover the North of Madagascar and its islands in amusing ways, we organize their circuit by means of different vehicles and original craft, we prefer bush and archipelagos still authentic, far from the sites frequented to satisfy everyone, Dry rentals are also possible.

    Our resources

    The team is made up of competent, experienced and regularly trained personnel, our vehicles are maintained by us to guarantee the quality offered to the customers and use the best nautical providers to ensure the sea.

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    2CV Rental in Nosy Be

    Rent this mythical car for your walks on Nosy Be.

    2CV Rental in Madagascar

    Alone or in group, accompanied by a guide / assistance vehicle, go across the Grande Terre.

    Nosy-Be Safari Bus

    Circuit Safari by bus 4x4, visit the heart of the island of Nosy Be like never before.

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