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Our rental cars

Explore the island of Nosy-be with Citroën 2CV convertibles still stout. Possibility for 2 or 3 people on board with luggage crossing main road for the tour.

You will have a card for your autonomy, another option for those who want a driver guide.

Alone or as a group accompanied, exploration is always available.

These circuits are adjusted to the frequencies of the international weekly flights.

And your useful equipment, you will need it, such as an individual pharmacy, shorts, sunglasses, swimsuit, lamp, etc

Rental 2CV in Nosy Be

Citroën 2CV Convertible - 6 available vehicles - 4 pax maxi each

Rent this mythical car for your walks on Nosy Be.

Itineraries and places of visit on Nosy Be

Main road, Fascène - Hell-Ville - Andilana - tour of the island and some secondary roads.

Examples: Ylang ylang distilleries, Passot and its lakes, Dzamanzar candy / rumery, Lokobe reserve, Indian village and Marodokany vestiges, waterfall, sacred trees, shopping in town ...

We offer customers practical maps of the island accompanied by a briefing about the customs and customs on the roads and our advice on the best routes.

Customers must

  • Their driving license (European or international) in case of road check.
  • Their passport, necessary for the establishment of the lease.
  • A security deposit of 100 € (cash or check) must be delivered before departure and returned on return in the absence of damage caused on the vehicle and fuel supplement.

Rental 2CV on the Grande Terre

Alone or in group, accompanied by a guide / assistance vehicle, go across the Grande Terre.

Get away

Two hours of peaceful sailing on a local ferry, and the door opens on the Far North Malagasy.

Several routes depending on the duration (1,2 or 3 weeks) Ambanja and its renowned cocoa plantations.

Ambilobe, its Tsingys and precious stones, the jungle of the Amber mountain, Diégo-Suarez the mythical, the prosperous triangle of the North East Vanilla ...

To relax at the end of the circuit, we plan a short seaside holiday near Nosy Be.

You must plan

  • Your passport and visa.
  • Your driving license (European or international) in case of road check.
  • A deposit (security deposit) of 500 € in cash or bank check before the departure of the hiring.

Useful facilities

  • An individual pharmacy (even if we have a collective pharmacy) Intestinal antiseptic, dressings and Bi Septine, aspirin, anti-mosquito (5/5), adapted sunscreen and Biafine, multi vitamins, test kit and antimalarial curative treatment Riamet).
  • Shorts, t-shirts and day hats, pants, socks and long sleeves at night.
  • A pair of sandals suitable for light walking and driving.
  • Sunglasses, swimsuit.
  • A lamp (with good batteries), a Swiss knife.